Mirror in the animal in the mirror: sculpture

These ceramic sculptures were created during the years of 2014–2016. These works speak of the continuum of biological and metaphysical life. Edward O. Wilson, celebrated scientist and Pulitzer Prize winner, coined the word “biophilia” — our intrinsic urge to affiliate with other creatures. In the 21st century the management of biological life has become our species responsibility and dubiously foreshadows new biotechnological post human ventures.

Clay, a new material for me and the most primal of all materials, is luring me to play inside out and further explore the elasticity of boundary. In some of the works, in particular “Bird Mountain,” internal structures and figures in the interior spaces are revealing new perils.

I am grateful to The European Ceramic Center (EKWC), Oisterwijk, The Netherlands, Watershed Ceramics Center in Maine and the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, Virginia for their generous support with time, community, and technical support that has helped make this work possible. Thanks also to Pratt Institute for a development grant and sabbatical.