Archive: Sculpture

Desire drinks where it will.
Nothing has any shape that isn’t
ripe with overflowing its skin.

—Jenny Lynn McNutt

In 1999 I began making small sculptures to manipulate for video projections in a multimedia performance, 33 Swoonings. These figures were incorporated in the stage set where musicians and dancers performed. The Hindic concept of RASA, juice or essence, was a guiding principle in inspiring a primary emotion with these multiplying couplings. Many of these sculptures have also been exhibited as “Protean Bodies” or “Circe’s Body”.

Then in summer of 2000 while working with beekeepers in Southern France I began making figures in wax as I was developing a solo performance “Sewing Songs”. Sitting inside a 100 meter garment, an “oracle” slowly worked the warm, fleshy wax and sewed stories about the place of touch in our matrix of science and technology.

The figural sculpture of 1999-2005 evolved in this milieu of bringing together dance, music and imagery. Bringing my paintings to life and performing the imagery allowed me to open up a space for visual “confusion”, a syncope. A place where longing or desire dissolves boundaries and multiplies forms.