Inside Out (frontal), ceramic, 11" x 10" x 9", 2016

mirror in the animal in
the mirror: introduction

With recent projects, “Zoopsia” and “Why This World”, composed of painting and ceramic sculpture, the animal is our mirror and we theirs.  These hybrid creatures are sometimes playful, sometimes savage, often contradictory, but also stand in for something much larger than our species alone. The current project “Mirror in the Animal in the Mirror,” builds upon earlier interests in creating a feral landscape of ceramic sculpture and painting where the paradox of multiplying forms, animal, human animal and plant, all intermingle. “Mirror in the Animal in the Mirror,” is a “landscape of shape shifters" where nature may speak louder than civilization.  Since I first began painting I have engaged animal imagery.  The need to discard our myopic anthropocentric vision has never been more urgent than now. Non-human animals possess exceptionally pressing significance in our time. This project is a paradoxical futuristic landscape where species mingle and borders are unleashed. 

—Jenny Lynn McNutt
    April 2016