Braille Cosmograms

For the performance “33 Swoonings,” 2001.

Protean Prints

All laserprints 27" x 20", 2004-5.

Works on Paper

Many of these drawings were made during the time I was working on the performance “33 Swoonings” where a layering of images expressed, simultaneously, the eternal longing for the sacred and a disarming of language. The tension between our animal selves and our symbol making selves propels a perpetual shape-shifting and boundaries in flux.

The Braille Cosmograms are a small selection of works used in video projection for “33 Swoonings”. Some of my writings were translated into Braille which then provides a rich surface for the drawings. These schemata, alluding to our irrepressible impulse for symbol making, reference motor and synaptic charting, neurological and other ephemera of bodies, local and celestial.

Other drawings are an expression of the violent side of eros, such as war and destruction of the natural world.

With the laser prints of “Protean Bodies”, I extended the multiplying play of the sculptures into flatwork.


Mixed media on paper, or ink on paper, between 1999-2009